Now available at:
Silverado Country Club :: Royal Oak Restaurant

Tiburon Grill :: 1651 Tiburon Blvd, Tiburon, CA

Napa Valley Wine Train :: 1275 McKinstry St. Napa CA

Mark's the Spot :: Fine Food Truck

Smoke Open Fire Catering

Browns Valley Market :: 3263 Browns Valley Rd. Napa, Ca



Our gourmet grass fed beef is a perfect addition to your daily nutritional routine!



The health benefits of grass fed beef include:








Our Product:

  • Pasture-Raised/Grass Fed

  • 100% head to tail gourmet ground beef

  • Dry-aged beef allows natural enzymes to tenderize the meat and give it a delicious flavor

  • Double-ground

  • Available in 1 lb, 5 lb, or 1/2 lb patties vacuum-sealed units

  • 100% USDA Processed from start to finish

  • Locally Acclaimed:

    Former Executive Chef at the Silverado Resort, Peter Pahk describes our beef, "We just added an all-Napa Valley beef burger to the menu. Rancher Paul Tarap grinds up prime rib, fillet and all choice parts of Belted Galloway steers grass fed on The Stewart Ranch in Carneros. He grinds up the whole animal, all the choice cuts, and it makes for a sensational burger."


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