Why Grass Fed Beef?


Grass is the natural diet for ruminants such as cattle. Beef cattle consuming a native diet are naturally a safer product than feedlot cattle consuming intensive grain based diets. Cattle grazing freely on pastures such as ours, are at a lower risk to develop bacterial infections that occur in feedlots on grain diets and are less likely to incur digestive upset. A natural grass fed diet promotes healthier immune systems by minimizing stress in cattle which leads to healthier lives and ultimately more tender, better quality meat.


Our cattle are born and raised at our Napa Valley ranch and remain through the finishing phase, at which time, they travel only 30 minutes to be processed experiencing minimal stress. Cattle at Stewart Ranch are never treated with antibiotics and are free of added hormones.


Grass Fed Beef Benefits the Environment

Grass fed systems are good for the local environment due to less road transport, less pollution, and less waste. Unlike factory farms that allow excrement to build up where it releases harmful chemicals and gasses into the environment, well-managed pastures reduce soil erosion and promote soil fertility by building soil organic matter.  This improves air and water quality. Healthy grazing lands also provide habitat and forage for wildlife.