The Stewart Ranch believes in raising happy, healthy cattle that are able to roam freely in their natural environment from the time of their birth until market. Our Belted Galloway cattle are guaranteed 100% sustainably raised in the Napa Valley. We implement a high standard of care that facilitates a high quality life for our animals in which they are happily able to carry out their natural, daily behaviors. We ensure that our cattle are born and raised on rich, nutritious Napa Valley forage and travel just 30 minutes to be processed, so they endure minimal stress. Our customers can rest assured that our "Beltie Beef" is always all natural and free of added hormones and antibiotics.



The Stewart Ranch was purchased in 1904. It has been family owned

and operated for 4 generations. The current stewardship of the ranch is managed

by Paul and Ailene Pritchett Tarap. Ailene is the great granddaughter of John

Stewart who immigrated from Scotland with the intent of purchasing his own

property. Both Paul and Ailene's family have been in the Napa Valley cattle business

since the early 1900's. The introduction of the Belted Galloway to the ranch was

in 1987 with the initial purchase of a small herd. The ability of the breed to be

sustainable and flavorful was intriguing over the higher fat commercial breeds.

The Stewart Ranch herd has been featured on "Good Morning America" and numerous news articles and magazines. The herd is located in the beautiful Napa Valley where fine wine and fine ground beef is grown.




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